All Hail The King (Vinyl - Black)
All Hail The King (Vinyl - Black)

All Hail The King (Vinyl - Black)


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Fashawn & Sir Veterano team up to bring you ALL HAIL THE KING!  The album offers nine songs that boast features from Grammy nominated artist Aloe Blacc, Slum Village's eLZhi, DJ Revolution from The World Famous Wake-up Show, and Fresno's own Planet Asia. ALL HAIL THE KING runs the gamut from ruling the land, sharing the throne with your Queen, raising future Kings and day-to-day life in your own Kingdom. King Fashawn and his Noble Knight Sir Veterano are eager to share these crown jewels with the royal realm this fall.

Album produced entirely by Sir Veterano. Mixed & Mastered by Sir Veterano
Format: 12" Vinyl (black)


1. The Return
2. Robe (feat. Elzhi)
3. All Hail The King
4. Crown Royal (feat. DJ Revolution)
5. Here Ye!
6. Castle (feat. Aloe Blacc)
7. To Be King
8. This Town
9. Heart of a Lion (feat. Planet Asia)